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Defend Israeli Democracy UK Engagement Week


Welcome to our democracy week. Please monitor this page as it will keep getting updated with more events. Events are free, but registration is required. Registration links include detailed information on the speakers and the content of sessions. For more information on the week and to send us questions, read here.


1. Time to take a stand: Judicial reform or regime coup?
Monday 4 September, 4pm  

Speakers: Yossi Klein Halevi, Daniel Gordis, Matti Friedman 
Co-hosted by The Times of Israel, SOS - Save Our Shared Home, joined by DID UK

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2. Behind the legislation: reasons and motivations for the ׳reforms׳ in Israel
Tuesday 5 September, 7pm
Speakers: Noa Landau, Alon-Lee Green, Hila Pe’er
Co-hosted by DID UK & Meretz UK
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3. In-person event: Brighton
Wednesday 6 September, 7pm
Central Hove location
Speakers: Sheldon Stone, Michal Neta, Sharon Shochat & guest speakers from Israel
Co-hosted by by DID UK & the Brighton Jewish Community

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4. In-person event: London
Thursday 7 September, 7:30pm
Finchley Reform Synagogue
Speakers:  Sheldon Stone, Michal Neta, Ayala Fanievsky & guest speakers from Israel
Co-hosted by DID UK & FRS
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5. Democracy Rally
Sunday 10 September, 3-5pm
Speakers: Yuval Noah Harari, Mika Almog, Charley Baginsky, Jeremy Gordon, Edward Isaacs
hosted by Sharon Shochat
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6. Time to take a stand: what can the Jewish diaspora do?
Monday 11 September, 7pm
Speakers: Yossi Klein Halevi. 
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7. The Supreme Court and Human Rights
Tuesday 12 September, 7pm
Speakers: Reps of leading Israeli NGOs
Co-hosted by DID UK & Yachad
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